Error While Installing Application

Installation of application is turned as difficult task for the users the reason is large file size and various steps to perform the task. If you are looking for any licensed application for your official or personal usage you will find trial or evaluation version on registered website. There are countless websites offering different package for paid applications, but we will suggest you to download the software from authorized online stores only.

Let’s assume you have downloaded the software or application from the store, now you are trying to install the app but suddenly you got an error. Possible reason could be either the software downloaded is incomplete or the appropriate version is not downloaded or system files are not updated for this latest application. Yes! For exact error, you should check the log of your computer or can also check the description pop-up on your screen received at the time of installation. 


In many cases system files are not updated such as .Net is not compatible or OS is not updated with service pack, etc. The easy solution for this issue is you must download latest Service Pack or update the related dependable application through registered website. There is an option for auto-update in almost every OS so enable that option so that any update deployed or dispatched by team concerned will update your machine as well. Event viewer is one application that you can use to check the exact error details. For each application installation, a log is generated and details are stored on this event viewer. It is Windows feature and easily accessible to all users.

Here, if you are not sure how to enable the auto-update or perform system upgrade procedure then you can take help of computer repair service in London City. Online support and phone assistance both are available and the team providing support is group of professional who are connected to IT industry.

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