Heating Problem in Laptop or Desktop

Upgrade of computer is like change in our day to day life. New applications and their requirement forced companies to design new hardware’s. If you compare the previously configured machine with the latest one you will find huge difference. Today computers are used almost in each division and because of such requirement hardware’s are designed to perform more efficiently compared to earlier.

Scope of support is increased, but still there are few areas that need attention like if your computer is more in use then you might face heating problem. Heat is generated if the computer is used for more hours. With access of more applications processor works faster and it generates heat inside your computer. Heat sink is used to reduce heat produced by the hardware parts. 


Let’s assume you are working on your laptop or computer for hours and suddenly it shuts down without displaying any error. You restart the computer but no result and you are stuck in the middle of your important work. In maximum cases, such issue occurs because of heat generated inside your computer resulting damage to parts. In such situation first thing you should do is wait for some time and let the heat reduced of your computer. Start the machine now and open the event viewer of your computer. Check the hardware logs so that you will come to know about the exact issue with the machine.

Exhaust or active cooling fan is one of the devices added on your computer. The function of this device is to reduce heat produced inside the cabinet of your computer. This fan is attached to the computer case for cooling. Key function of this fan is to expel warm air to cool the particular component. In laptop, you can see the heat sink and can feel the expel of warm air.

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