Installer Fails and Rollback.

Nowadays users reported that they are not able to install applications. When they try to install any of the application it stuck and rollback to the previous state mentioning installer fail. This can happen on any OS, though reason for failure of installation could be different. Windows installer plays major role in installation as well as configuration of any application in OS. In case, installer is failed or dependencies files of installer are corrupt you will get issues while performing the task.

The best solution for such problem is updating Windows OS regularly. Patches and security updates are already deployed by the Windows team regularly, though they are also deploying service pack and update properties for different issues at interval. By enabling these options, you can protect your computer from hacking and virus attacks as well. 


Nowadays, OS are with full security features and it takes less time to update the properties compared to earlier versions. However, some users disable the auto update option from Windows and because of that OS is not upgraded. To enable auto-update click on Start > Control Panel > Windows Update and Change settings and select enable all options.

If updates are not downloaded from long time you might face slowness in performance of your machine because files are not updated. After updates your computer will be fast and smooth functioning. As discussed Windows installer is reasonable for any installation, system update will repair the dependent files of installer as well which means rollback problem is resolved in such scenario. If you are still receiving issue with installer, then you need experts help. Team of computer repair service in London City is available to aid those users who are stuck at such point. Online help and telephonic support center of Computer repair service team will guide you and provide you solution for all errors.

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