Internet Not Working? Apply Simple Steps

Are you stuck with internet or not able to open any of the website on browser? With simple steps, you can troubleshoot the issue. Because of more use of computer machine lots of files and add-ins are downloaded on your machine. The best part is we are not known about these unknown files. These files keep stored on temporary folders and that occupies the space on your hard disk resulting slowness of system or access issue with the internet related applications. Now if you are confused or want to know more about the temporary files downloaded on your machine, these are files that keep downloading for any application that you use in your computer. For example, if you are accessing emails a temp file will be downloaded and cookies will be updated on your machine. This is for fast access of your email like if you disconnect from the internet due to various reason you can access your emails offline for some time. 


There are many other reasons behind downloading such files. Here the computer repair service in London City comes into action and clear all the dump files for better performance of your machine.

1. First step that you should follow is clearing the temp files and for that go to C drive then Windows folder and then Temp folder. It should be like C:\Windows\Temp. Delete all files from the folder, though you will get an error or popup message stating unable to delete some files. These are the files that are in use now. No worries, delete other files from the folder to empty temp folder.

2. Disk Cleanup: An inbuilt application of Windows helps scanning and clearing all dump temporary files, cookies, setup files that are of no use and many more. Select all checkboxes and click on OK, this might take some time depends on the cookies and temp files stored in your machine.

Ample of space is recovered after deleting the temp files from the machine.

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