Monitor won’t turn on? Possible Solution

Dark monitor even after the power on and proper system boot is most common issue with the computer. There could be many reasons for dark or no display on monitor. We will assist you some possible solutions so that you can resolve this issue with no time.


Steps to troubleshoot display issue:
1. First thing you must check is power supply to the monitor. Check if power indicator light is on and the monitor is plugged properly. Loose cable connection is also reported by the users in such scenarios.

2. In case, power is on and indicator light on monitor is on as well, then you should check the video cable connection. Check if the cable is connected to CPU, you can remove and plug it again for proper connection.

3. Next troubleshooting step is check if the power indicator on monitor is green. If its green and still no display, then check the brightness and contrast settings of monitor. This you can check with the buttons available on your monitor. If still no display, then you should restart your computer by pressing and holding the CPU power button. Press for few seconds and it will turn off. Once computer is turned off, switch on by pressing same button and check the display. After power on computer will check the supply of power to its hardware devices. Here you will see some booting or power test on your monitor. If display is there on monitor that means monitor is perfect and everything will be set like before.

4. Now if still there is no display, you should boot the computer in safe mode. For this you should boot the machine again with same process by pressing power key for several seconds. Press F8 key on keyboard as you power on the CPU. Select Safe Mode from the screen and once you are in Windows screen check the display options.

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