Basics of Remote Computer Repair

The computer has become a basic need of every person these days. As it is a machinery, proper maintenance is also required, to manage and assemble our photo albums, library, videos, music and other necessary documents. At times there are chances of breakdown from spyware or viruses due to lack of realization or maintenance. If computers are not used properly, then after a time period of one or two years you might end up paying high amount of its repair. If you really want to escape from unnecessary expenditures. You can actually get subscribed with remote computer repair service. For this you need to pay a fixed amount of money every month and the technicians of this service industry will rectify your problems in just few seconds. This will not only save your money but also time. There are many firms that also provide add on services to their regular customers. This is a good option for non-technical users. Advantages of remote computer repair services: 99% of your troubles can be easily rectified by remote service agencies. You need not carry the entire system to the repair shop. The services will be provided at your workplace or home. Here, you can get the opportunity to inspect everything. There are no chances of placing duplicate parts. Remote technicians are always online to help you. There are many agencies that provide online help throughout the day. Remote computer agencies usually rectify and guide the problem by providing online assistance. They do attend you just in a single call. If you are an unlimited package subscriber then your trouble will be solved by providing a small hint. Restrictions of Remote computer service: You must have an internet connection. Troubles related to hardware can be rectified with the help of a existent live technician. Other outer or major damages will require personal assistance....

HTTP Error Solutions to Solve Your Website Request

Computer generated codes for HTTP request can be identified easily. The repair method can be checked according to the status of the error codes. HTTP codes are standard errors and the errors can be displayed on any browser.   You can repair these errors if you are able to recognize these Common 4xx and 5xx error codes. Few of them are discussed below that are helpful for those users who are not able to resolve the errors.   Error 400: This is the bad request code which means you sent the request to the server that is malformed. However, if the address of the website is not resolved properly, then users will get this error. Basically a server is not resolving the request of the user. Solution: Invalid URL is entered or link to the URL is not properly processed. You need to clear the cookies of the system. Open CMD and type ipconfig/flushdns to clear the cache of DNS. Clear the browser cache and close all browsers. Start the browser again and try to access the URL.   Error 401: 401 is an unauthorized code which means the user is not able to access the URL because of access problem. Solution: Try to open the main page of the URL. In case the URL is correct, then check if there is any Login or secure access place on the link. Enter the credential you have and try to access the page.   Error 403: It is forbidden error that comes because of the wrong access of the page. If the website is not getting an exact location of the page it will show the error 403. Solution: Clear cookies of the browser, clear browser cache, try to open the link directly. You might need to restart the system to access the web properties properly.   Error 404: Not Found code comes if you are trying to access the page that is not available on website server. Solution: Refresh page again and try to access the main website or click on one directory level up.   These simple errors can be solved easily, but you have to follow the methods mentioned above....

Replacing Hardware Component: Be Careful

Replacing the hardware is simple and anybody can do. However, if the experienced person is doing then its much better. Few things that user must know about replacement of computer parts are covered in this short note.  
  1. Power of the machine: first thing you need to do is switch off all devices that are connected with computer. If we go through technical reason the short circuit are the results of improper power in electronic devices. If you touch the parts without switching off the computer then there are chances you will get shock while replacing the part. Your computer parts can also damage if you will not off the power of the machine.
  2. Learn the way to replace the part: if you want to replace the faulty ram of your computer then you must know how to fit the new ram in the slot. The easiest way to identify is finding the cut shape of slot. With little attention you can easily change the ram of computer. Also lock the slot locks properly once the ram is fit on the board. Incorrect fitting can cause damage to ram, motherboard or other parts of the system.
  3. Clean the dust area: if you are placing any new hardware in your computer then it’s important for you to clean the area with dusting brush. If you have vacuum cleaner than its best option for you. Clean the dust completely so that there will be proper connection between the device and board.
  Computer repair need attention, but if you keep your system clean from dust then your system will be healthy for longer. These methods are simple and you can apply them at your home, office or other locations. However, in case of big issue take help of professional people because one wrong step can become the big reason for big loss of computer....

Installing the computer drivers is easy task

Computer devices will work smoothly if the supporting applications are installed in the system. These apps are known as driver that allow the device to work with full capacity. Sometime we ignore the drivers and because of such reason the device did not work in correct manner. The compatibility issue occurs if the driver is not match with the device. The big example of such thing is VGA adapter drivers.   Nowadays different brands are developing the best devices for higher graphics resolutions. Their driver files are full of set of instructions. If the files are loaded completely the device will not work properly. To solve this error you have to follow certain rules:  
  1. Check the manual: if you are adding additional graphics driver in your machine then you should check the manual of the device. You will also get the driver CD along with the product. Once the installation is complete, restart your system. If the device driver is installed properly it will change the display of your machine with correct resolution.
  2. In case of inbuilt VGA device: ask the manufacturer to provide you drivers CD. There are chances you will not get the CD of drivers from the traders. In that case you have the option of Windows update. Connect your machine to the Internet and download updates from the authorized server of Windows. If possible click on auto update option. You system will automatically search the compatible driver for the device and install it on your computer.
  3. Yellow mark in device manager: If you don’t want to update your windows then right click on My computer option in Windows, select device manager. You will find the devices list in this box, if your VGA device is not installed properly then you will get the yellow mark on it. Right click the yellow mark and select update driver option. A screen will be opened where you have to give the path of driver file.
  Select the correct file path and install the driver. This way you can easily repair the display error of your computer....

Go Through EventVwr for Knowing the Errors

The fastest mode for computer repair is understanding the error codes and finding the solution for error. Each error generated in the system will make the entry in software programs of the Windows. The solution is available for almost each code so if we can identify the code then we can find the solution as well.   For repairing the computer you should know the error code. There are possibilities that you will not find the necessary details in software program about the particular error code. In such case you have to take help of experts or you can search the solution on search engine. Troubleshooting of each error will increase your knowledge so don’t leave the small error codes as well and try to repair them sooner.   If you concentrate on errors you will find that the codes are same but error detail is different. Describing each error code in this short note is not easy task. However, the list of code starts from 1 till 15299. These codes are present with complete information related to errors system received. That might be because of operations or programs installed or uninstalled programs in your computer.   To view the errors list you have to go to event viewer application.
  1. Click on start button of Windows.
  2. Type eventvwr in search box and the application will be opened in new screen.
  In Event Viewer screen you will see Custom Views, Windows Logs, Application and services logs and Subscriptions tabs. Go to Windows logs to check the errors generated because of local machine. Inside this Window you will see few other tabs such as Application, Security, Setup, System and Forwarded events. Each category is having different error code their solution link is provided below the error. That link will direct you to the solution website and you can implement the solution given by experts on these website....

General Computer Errors for Users

Computer error is indication that your system is not working properly. Solving the error is important because if you leave the system in error state it can become a big issue for you after some time. There are few general errors that can be solved no matter if you have not done any course in computers. However, it's important for a person to know some devices of the computer. Like what are input devices and output devices so that general errors can be identified easily. The device that shows, the result is output device and input devices are those which are connected to send request to the computer. The best examples of output devices are monitor and printer. Input devices are keyboard and mouse. If your CPU is not connected with these items computer will generate errors and make the entry in event viewer application. If there is no display check the cable of the monitor first. If you are getting power in monitor then check VGA cable that connects from monitor to CPU. Unplug the cable and wait for signal to the monitor. Then plug the cable again. If still not getting results, then check the brightness and shortcut buttons on monitor. There are chances that somebody has changed the settings of your system. In case of input device failure you will get the message on a monitor like if keyboard is not connected to the CPU you will get the message “keyboard error”. Unplug the keyboard and plug it again and restart your system. The similar feature works with a mouse as well. Plug the mouse out and plug it again, your device will work properly. These are some general tips that a user can manage by own. If you are familiar with your computer, then you can easily identify these errors....

Repair The Error of Windows Firewall

Computer is an intelligent device, though the errors are common in the system if it is frequently used. If you are having error with firewall, let say you are not able to on Windows Firewall then this short note is helpful for you. The major error that occurs about the firewall is “Service is Not Running”. If you try to start the Firewall service, another message will be displayed such as “Windows could not start …….. Computer”. Some general tips that can help you to fix this error:
  1. Run SFC scan, there are chances the windows self can solve the error. Type c:\ SFC /SCANNOW on command prompt and press the Enter key. Now SFC will start the scanning and if the error is identified then Windows will solve it automatically. You have to login with administrator ID and then run this command.
  2. If you have admin rights then open the registry editor by typing “RegEdit” on command prompt. In case you are not having admin rights but you have admin User ID and password then search the RegEdit in primary drive and right click on file. There you will get the option “open with Administrator”. Enter the password of administrator and registry editor will be opened instantly. Changes in any value in registry can affect the computer. Don’t forget to export or backup the registry before making any changes. Type “REG EXPORT” command on command prompt of Win-7 to export registry file on different location. For firewall option you need to backup following entries of registry:
    1. HKM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Epoch
    2. HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy
    3. HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Defaults\FirewallPolicy
    4. HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dhcp
    5. HLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Dhcp\Configurations
Here HLM is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key of registry editor. Once you are on the mentioned entries, click on key on the right panel. Click permissions and click Add tab. Select “Enter the object names and type “NT SERVICE\mpssvc” entry. These general tips will enable your firewall services and you can protect your system from external attacks....

Win-7 format procedure

Re-installation or formatting the system in Win-7 require more attention. If your system is not getting boot with the previous OS and you believe the format is only the option, Please visit computer repair before you can perform this task at home without anybody’s help. The initial thing you need is bootable Windows 7 disk. Select the DVD drive as first boot device in your bios. Boot the system with the disk and wait for setup wizard. Once you start your computer with the bootable disk, you will get instruction window. The first box appear will be language. Select your desired language and press the next button. Later a box will appear where you have to select the Custom option. Click on Drive options shown below and click partition you want to format. Follow displayed instructions and once the formatting is done, click on next button. Now the message appears will guide about the Win-7 installation. Installation of Win-7 is simple compared to other OS from Microsoft. Simply press next button and within 30 to 40 minutes your OS will be installed. However, PC naming, allocation of IP address and admin password features will be done later once the OS is installed. The most important part of the formatting is if you have data in other drives on your system and you are not aware of volume size then you might face difficulty at the time of formatting. You can get confused which drive you want to format. Note the size of the volume and select the appropriate drive at time of format. Create new user with limited rights so that you will not be able to install unnecessary software’s in your machine. Experts suggest the easiest way to protect a system from any harm is not installed unwanted software or application on the system....

Windows 7 Stop Errors Resolution

Are you stuck with the blue screen error in your windows 7 machine? If yes!  laptop repair london are here to help you with the simple methods that you can apply for such errors. Stop errors are also recognized as blue or black screen errors. The problem is not that big but you might face the restart or shutdown issues with the blue screen in your Windows 7. The big feature of Win-7 is it protects your OS automatically. If your machine is getting blue screen error then you might get error message "Windows has been shut down…….." Errors are not big issue, but they are created to inform user about the problems occurring in their system. Here, you need to be calm and read the error details you are getting on screen. There are several tools offered by Win-7 and external sources that are helpful to solve the errors. In case of windows start: If your machine get boot properly then you can use these tools to roll back system in prior state. If your OS is updated with Microsoft files then these tools will work comfortably. - Use System Restore for undo recent changes: • Click on Start, type System Restore in search box, click on System Restore and select last restore file. This method will roll back your system to previous working state. - Check Action Center for solutions of errors: • Click Start button and search for maintenance in search box. A dialog box System Maintenance will open on the screen. Press next button to find the errors in the system. The box will detect all errors and provide you the solution for it. In case Windows is restarting: Power on the system and press F8 button to enter the Safe Mode. If windows starts safely then follow the earlier methods. Regular update of Windows file will keep your system away from errors. Get the system updated frequently to work smoothly....

Learn the Way of Smooth Running of Computer

We always work in a manner that our system performs the task faster and faster. However, by knowing or unknowing reasons our system halt sometimes. In many cases we get error messages and we can solve these errors, but if we are not getting any popup then it becomes a little headache to find the solution but you can always visit computer repair london for more tips and tricks. In case of Freeze: Blue screen is the most common error, we are facing from long time. It is known as blue screen of death and it is the frustrating moment as well for the user. In this error your system gets halted and show the error message in blue screen. The reason for such halt could be buggy software, or low memory of the system. If the module of memory is corrupt then also user get this kind of errors. In many cases the corrupt hardware driver is also the reason of this issue. The issue can be related to hardware or the software of the system. If the components of the computer are loose, then also this error can occur. Slow Performance: Removing the software from a computer can cause damage to your system. This is the reason, experts suggest to review reach software or tool before downloading and installing. If you are deleting files from your computer, then also there are junk files available in hidden folders. The storage of these junk files slows down the speed of your computer. It decreases the performances and user get lots of errors with the machine. Strange Noises: Sometime computer makes whirring noise because of dying fan, dust in hardware parts, or the parts are getting heated. The solution for each problem is the maintenance of the computer. If you delete the junk files, run antivirus with updated properties and stop installing unnecessary applications then your system will run smoothly. For better performance you should upgrade the hardware part of your system too....