System restore: Usage and Procedure

Are you stuck with applications on your computer or not able to work for longer hours on your machine? This short note is to assist you about the procedure that will help you to restore your machine to previous best functioning state. We are going to tell you about an inbuilt feature of Windows known as “System Restore”, though you should be either member of Administrator group of that local machine or if machine is on domain, then you should be member of domain admin group to perform the task.

Remember system restore is the procedure that will replace your present OS to the previous best working state. However, you will not lose your data but the applications installed after restore version will be deleted or removed.


 To check if the system restore function is enable on your computer type system restore on your search box inside Start Menu. If the feature is enabled, you will find the wizard with restore details. however, if it’s disabled then you will get pop-up mentioning System Protection is turned off.

 Follow the steps to enable the system restore feature:

Click on start and select Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>System

On the left side of panel select System protection. Enter the admin password and click OK.

Next System Properties window will open and you should select System Protection Tab. Select the disk and press Configure button. You must select one of the options to enable the restore system settings of previous system files. Once option is enabled it will take some time to restore the system files. However, you can use the feature in safe mode as well that means if your computer is down or not booting properly in normal mode, then boot system in safe mode and perform system restore.

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