Troubleshooter tool for repair error

Generally, OS is set with auto-update feature and it downloads all files in computer whenever team deploy or release any update, but still OS can be corrupt or at least some dependent files may function incorrectly. For example, “.NET” is not working or any recently installed application is searching for updated “.NET” framework. To repair such error some tools are available at online stores. With simple click you can download the tool and either repair or update the required files for smooth functioning of your application.


The troubleshooter tool is one of them used to repair corrupt files of your computer. This tool runs in background and search for all corrupt files. There is possibility that search may go longer as it depends on corrupt files. If application is taking long time, then please don’t click on cancel or force end the app because it will scan and repair error in background. Here the thing this troubleshooter tool will work with Windows 10 OS. If you have older version, then you must enable the Windows update feature.

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