Wi-Fi Not Working Properly?


Wired network and wireless network are two different services and wireless is more in use because that allow physical movement of the device range. However, issues with wireless device are common these days. With simple troubleshooting steps, you can easily identify and solve the issue, the best part is there are very less side effects in case you try troubleshooting such problem.

 Generally, users are facing difficulty with wireless network, though the issue could be because of computer Wi-Fi drivers, router device or the ISP down issue. For first two issues, you troubleshoot yourself, but for the ISP related issues you should contact your provider. Try few steps before calling ISP team for troubleshooting.

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 Initially you should check if your computer is under range of the Wi-Fi device. Check the signal strength on your laptop, this way you can identify if the range is proper or not. Also, check if the Wi-Fi device on your laptop or computer is enabled or disabled. If device is disabled, you will not find Wi-Fi icon on your computer. If the device is enabled but still no connection, then check the signal strength of Wi-Fi on your computer. Best idea to check the range and activation of Wi-Fi is connecting mobile phone or another device to same router.

 If router is on and Wi-Fi adapter is enabled on computer, then try pinging any of the website. To ping the site, you should open CMD.exe in Windows machine. Type “ping” space then any website. For example: once you open the CMD.exe file it will prompt you to the default path of user profile. C:\Users\ABC>. On this prompt, you should type ping abc.com (abc could be any website). This way you can identify if the issue is with local machine or with the ISP.

 In case, you are unable to access the network or internet through Wi-Fi take the help of computer repair service in London City available with online and on call support as well. London users can easily reach the team of computer repair service. 

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