Is Your Windows Start Button is Gone?

Sometime simple issue becomes a big headache for users. One of them is missing start button in Windows OS. If you are in the list, then this short note is useful for you.

Windows OS is having countless features, but many times these features becomes the reason of trouble for the users. Reason behind is lack of information about such features. You can hide the start button from your windows screen and that option is known as Auto-Hide taskbar. This option is a part of viewing document in full screen. It’s useful but if you have enabled the option and not able to disable it or not able to get the start button then go through the steps mentioned below: 


1. Move your mouse pointer in the area where the task bar was originally. you might have to move the pointer several times so try that and once it appears, right click on taskbar and uncheck the option “Auto-Hide taskbar”.

2. In case you are not able to view the task bar even after movement of pointer, click on Windows Key on your keyboard. You will get Start Menu as well as task bar will also be visible. Follow the same option and uncheck the Auto-hide taskbar option.

3. Let say you have moved your task bar to any other position and not sure where it was. Move your point pointer for 5 seconds on every side bar of screen. Once you get the bar drag and drop it to actual location. Next same option you must uncheck for removing auto hide option.

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