Laptop Repair in Westminster W1

At Computers Repair London Providing Services in Westminster and Surrounding areas. Our technicians are fully industry certified, and make sure that your network, home or office, is as secure as it is efficient. we fix every brand of computer with Software and Hardware related issues and also repair problem with IT equipments like Network, Servers, Router and Printers.

Best of all, we offer hourly, fix rates or retainer agreements,No FIX No Fee Policy, ensuring that you are not paying us unless we’re working on making your IT infrastructure work better. We are also running Same Day Service in Westminster area. We have reasonable rates for our customers as and flexible payment structure allows small businesses and home users to access to the same high-powered IT staff on call. So your office works, and you’re not throwing money out on people who spend most of their time sitting around and waiting for things to go wrong.

Our Local IT engineers in Westminster always ready to look after your IT WORLD. We have many customers based in putney including home and business users to use us time to time.


“I am very limited in my computer knowledge. Computer Repair London was very helpful and their cost was reasonable. I will continue to use their services. They we efficient, quick and bang on time. Saam Fixed my computer quickly and recovered my lost data as well. I am very impressed and definately gonna continue using their service in future”

“Steve from Central London”

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