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Windows Startup Loop The computer restart loop issue is often the result of a device driver, a bad system component or hardware that causes a Windows system to reboot in the middle of the windows boot process. The end result is a machine that can never boot and complete data lost.
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Same Day Repair

We aim to be with you within 4 hours anywhere in London and outside of the M25.

No Fix No Fee

You have nothing to pay If our engineer is unable to resolve the issue as we strongly believe in No Fix No Fee.


We do offer discounts to our new and existing customers to make them feel happy about IT Support London.

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Computer and Laptop Repair Service in London

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Laptop Repair London

is the leading provider of computer repair and laptop repair services to both business as well as domestic users across London. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals can provide a solution to most of your problems via remote access. However, if that’s not possible, we’ll offer on-site same day repair services as well. IT services are being offered by IT Support London in as well as around M25.

We render our services to both businesses and home users. We’ll send our qualified technicians to fix your laptop or computer in the convenience of your own home. In case, if they fail to fix the issue on-site then they’ll take your machine with them so that it can be fixed and returned either on the same day or the next day. However, we do not charge anything extra for this as we offer this pickup and delivery facility for free.

To keep things simple and convenient for the residents of London we, at laptop repair London, offer fix rates, hourly rates, and even some repair packages. Make sure not to pay us anything unless we do a perfect computer repair London to make your machine as good as new. We have highly qualified crew members who always take care of your needs, offering you best possible advice for avoiding any problems in times to come……..

Laptop Virus Removal London


A virus in laptop or computer can slow it down to a significant level and may also corrupt the windows as well. If you need pc repair London for your laptop or computer that is infected with some virus and don’t know yet about the problem then we can identify it quickly. A computer infected with virus shows some common issues like unnecessary freezing, slow performance, blue screen problem, frequent OS crashes and some other similar problems.

An OS virus known as Spyware would steal any private information stored on your hard disk like bank login information, files, passwords, etc. and can send it over to some fraudster who might have infected your

We offer support and computer repair London service 24/7. It is highly recommended to perform a thorough scan through a reliable anti-virus software at least once every month and also to keep the anti-virus software updated. If you think your machine is infected then never compromise your private information and make sure that it is fixed the soonest it is possible. Of course, all of us know the potential threats of getting our computers infected with viruses….

Internet, Printing & Scanning Fix

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We are always quick to respond to your internet broadband problems as well as scanning or printer problems. We visit your office or home the same day you contact us. Internet has certainly become a major reason for all of us to use laptops, computers, etc. We, at IT Support London, can fix all your internet problems such as lost connection, limited connectivity or no connectivity at all, and slow speed issues.

Our professional staff is not just trained to offer best computer repair London services but they can also setup and troubleshoot any fax, scanning and printing issues for both business and domestic users. If you are using a network printer connected to different computers in the network and it doesn’t work then you may be facing a connection problem between your printer and PC that should be re-configured again.

Our support staff will help you resolve most of the problems over a phone call but if something tricky comes up, our technicians will pay you a visit to fix your problem to ensure mind’s peace for you. Furthermore, we make sure that we come to visit you on a time that is convenient to you on the agreed upon day.

Fast & Reliable Software Fix

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Slow running laptop, strange software malfunctions and pop ups can be quite frustrating and certainly call for a reliable pc repair London. Well, we offer same day repair service to solve your software problems and, hence, you do not have worry at all when we are there for your help. We’ll perform a thorough checkup of the laptop facing problems and will remove all the unwanted programs.

When the junk is accumulated in your computer it causes it to run slow. However, asking for a laptop repair London from our reliable technicians will resolve all software problems including Blue Screen, Installation problems, File missing, Windows Boot Problems, Operating System issues and many others……

Computer Hardware Repair Service


When you want to avail our computer repair London services, we come to diagnose your machine for finding out which parts are malfunctioning and whether they need a repair or should be replaced. Once the diagnosis has been complete and you want our technicians to continue with the pc repair London, our first priority is to fix your machine onsite. However, if that’s not possible then our staff members will take you machine with them to our repair lab which is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts so that the problem can be fixed effectively. During this time, we’ll keep you posted about work progress on your machine.

As part of our laptop repair London services, we fix every make and model. Some of our highly in-demand hardware repair services are listed below:

Laptop Screen Fix
Hard Drive Recovery and Fix
Laptop Screen Fix
Power Jack Repair
Keyboard Fix
Water Damage Laptop Fix
Computer and laptop Overheating Fix
Power Button Repair
And Many More